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Washing and Drying

  • Only Zen Hair products should be used on the hair.

  • Any additional products used will be at your own discretion and should be sulphate free.

  • You should only wash your extensions 1-2 times per week.

  • Before washing detangle the hair and separate the bonds.

  • Smooth the shampoo down the extensions, DO NOT RUB as tangling will occur.

  • Condition from the mid lengths to the ends of the extensions, do not apply conditioner to the bonds.

  • When hair is damp, use an oil/serum. Dry the bonds first using the cool setting on your hairdryer.​


  • You will need to use an extensions brush on/near the bonds. This is so the bonds don’t get snagged. 

  • When brushing you will need to hold the bonds to support them, this will prevent excess tugging on the extensions. 

  • ALWAYS use an extensions brush when hair is wet or dry. 


  • Always keep heat away from your bonds.

  • Always use a heat protection spray before blowdrying/applying any heat.

  • *The more heat you use on your hair extensions the shorter the life span of the hair. Treat your extensions with the same respect as your own hair.

Maintenance Appointment Schedule

Before having your hair extensions installed, you should discuss with your hair extensionist what a maintenance appointment is for, how often you should have one and how much they cost. Asking only benefits you, as many people have different preferences when it comes to hair extension methods and you need to know the option best suited to you and which is worth both your time and money.

For Micro Ring Extensions (I-Tip)

The uplift appointment involves opening each micro ring and moving the extensions back up to their original position. Unlike U-tip extensions, there is no need to use new hair or replace the bond, so if any hair extensions have come out, they would be easily re fitted. An uplift appointment would need to be scheduled around 8 weeks after you have first had your hair extensions fitted due to regrowth and natural shedding.

After a further 8 weeks we would recommend a full ring replacement and this involves removing all extensions and all shedded hair then replacing with new rings. There is no need to purchase new hair.

For Tape Extensions

This method needs maintenance every 8 to 10 weeks and involves the total removal of hair with a Matrix tape remover spray. The clients hair needs to be clarified to remove the spray and the tapes washed to ensure all product is removed from the hair. After drying, the old tape adhesive is then removed and replaced with new Trax! making sure the surface of the tapes are 100% free of old tape or debris. It’s worth noting that this maintenance appointment is normally twice as long as the initial appointment and to factor this into your pricing, although there is no need to purchase new hair.

This process can be repeated up to 4 times during the hair’s lifespan.

For Pre-Bonded Extensions (U-Tip)

This maintenance appointment involves scheduling to come back every 6-10 weeks. With this appointment the price would include some new hair, usually 1 pack, which would be used to replace missing or old bonds. During this appointment, any old bonds that might have got weaker, softer or matted since you first had the hair extensions fitted will be replaced. Your extensionist will check through all of your extensions and replace any bonds that need replacing or any that have come out.

For Weft Extensions (Nano Weft / Ultimate Weft)

To ensure longer life and health for extensions and scalp, wefts should be refitted every 5-7 weeks (for fine hair, this may be earlier). Delaying a maintenance appointment can result in excess pressure being placed on the roots which can cause damage.

Weft maintenance is divided into 2 categories: intermediate and full. The intermediate maintenance involves lifting the weft, pinning it away from the row, and loosening the rings. Any shedded hair can be removed from the area and then be tightened. This will last a further 4-7 weeks. Full maintenance involves completely removing the weft and refitting.

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