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Why Hairdressers Should Offer A Hair Extensions Service
Bozena Sarek

Hair extensions continues to be a popular growing trend in the UK hair industry. While some hairdressers may still be hesitant to offer this service, there are several reasons why hairdressers should consider adding hair extensions to their salon services.

Firstly, hair extensions is a lucrative business. The global hair extension market is expected to reach a value of over $5 billion by 2025, and this trend is mirrored in the UK. Offering hair extensions in salon can provide a significant boost to revenue, particularly as clients often require regular maintenance appointments to keep their extensions in good condition.

Secondly, offering hair extensions can help salons to attract a wider range of clients. Hair extensions are popular among people with all hair types and textures, including those with fine or thinning hair. By offering hair extensions, salons can cater to a more diverse client base and create a reputation for being inclusive.

Furthermore, hair extensions are a popular choice for special occasions such as weddings and proms. By offering this service, hairdressers can tap into a new market and provide a valuable service to clients who are looking to enhance their hair for a special event.

Zen Hair Bridal Extensions

Another reason why hair extensions are a valuable addition to a salon's service menu is that they can provide a non-invasive solution for clients who are unhappy with the length or thickness of their hair. Hair extensions can help to boost confidence and self-esteem, and hairdressers can play a crucial role in helping clients to achieve the look they desire.

In terms of marketing and promotion, offering hair extensions can help to set a salon apart from competitors. By promoting the service on social media platforms, local advertising and through word of mouth, salons can attract new clients and build a loyal following.

In terms of the application process, there are several different methods to choose from, including tape-in, micro-ring, and weft extensions. Hairdressers should choose a method that they are comfortable with and that they feel will provide the best results for their clients.

To ensure that clients are happy with their hair extensions, it is important to provide them with clear aftercare instructions. This should include advice on how to wash and style the extensions, as well as information on when they should come back for maintenance appointments.

When it comes to choosing a hair extension supplier, there are several factors to consider. Firstly, it is important to choose a reputable supplier who offers high-quality hair extensions. The hair extensions should be made from 100% human hair and should be ethically sourced. It is also important to choose a supplier who offers a wide range of colours and lengths, as this will allow hairdressers to create a bespoke look for each client. The supplier should also provide full product and application training plus a full range of aftercare products and accessories.

In conclusion, offering hair extensions in a salon can provide a valuable service to clients and boost revenue for the salon business. With the right supplier UK hairdressers should consider adding this service to their salon menu to stay ahead of their competition on the High Street. Contact Zen Hair HERE To Find Out More


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